How to Inspect the Newly Purchased Air Duct Production Line?

Whether it is to produce a product or purchase a machine, it is essential to inspect the machine. In order to produce high-quality air ducts, strict inspections must be carried out on the air duct production line.

1. The air pipe joints of the clean system of the air duct production line. All joints of air ducts, accessories, components and static pressure boxes of the clean system must be tight and leak-proof; the inner surface of the air duct of the clean system must be flat and smooth. It is strictly forbidden to have horizontal splicing joints and internal reinforcement of the pipe or the method of rib reinforcement.

2. The occluding seam of the air pipe of the air duct production line must be tight, uniform in width, and free of defects such as holes, semi-occluding and cracking. Straight pipes are staggered longitudinally; duct appearance: straight angles, uniform arcs, parallel planes at both ends, no obvious warping angles, and surface unevenness not greater than 10mm; the ducts and flanges are firmly connected, the flanges are basically flat, and the width is not Less than 6mm, close to the flange.

3. The hole spacing of flanges, flange bolts and rivets of the air duct production line should not be greater than 150mm, and the welding is firm, and the welds are not provided with screw holes, and the screw holes are interchangeable; stainless steel, aluminum and composite steel ducts : There are no obvious nicks, scratches, pits and other defects on the surface of the stainless steel plate and aluminum plate air duct, and the surface of the composite steel plate air duct is not damaged.

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