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Regular Check on Work Situation of Auto Duct Line

The auto duct line plays a very important role in the manufacturing process of an enterprise. Therefore, its maintenance is very important. Although the auto duct line is only to process machine, its importance to enterprises is similar to the importance of cars to us. Only after careful maintenance can the auto duct line play a large production efficiency and create more value for the enterprise. Then, how do the daily maintenance of the auto duct line be carried out? Please listen to the introduction of the manufacturer of the auto duct line.

1. Choose machine hoisting when transporting auto duct line. If you must use manpower handling, do not use too much strength or you may damage the machine.

2. Regularly adding the right amount of lubricant to the transmission teeth of the auto duct line, and it can greatly reduce the abrasion of the machine in operation.

3. Always keep the appearance of the auto duct line clean. If it is not used for a long time, apply anti-rust grease to the exterior.

4. Check the work of the windpipe production line regularly and find that the problem should be corrected in time to prevent accidents.

5. Normally, the maintenance cycle of the auto duct line is half a year, and the machine equipment needs to be disassembled for inspection and maintenance.
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