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What Are the Uses of the Spiral Pipe in Daily Life?

What are the basic features of the spiral pipe products? The transformation and installation of Xiamen pumping station

Feature 1: No hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazard, and can guarantee the mechanical properties of materials unchanged.

Feature 2: According to customer requirements, we specially designed and customized all kinds of pipes.

Feature 3: The hot galvanizing method is applied to the strong corrosive environment such as strong acid and alkali fog.

Feature 4: Small ventilation resistance, small ventilation noise;

Features 5: The thickness is controllable, and is selected within 5-107 m.

The installation of the spiral pipe significantly reduces the connection point between the tubes, and minimizes the leakage of the tube joint, the typical length of the spiral pipe is 3~6m, and the typical rectangular pipe is only 1~1.5m in length, and only one pipe connector is connected to the two spiral pipes. While the connection of the traditional rectangular pipe often needs a completely independent double flanged system.

What are the uses of spiral pipes in daily life?

Use 1: Bulk material delivery. In the production process of some factories, it is necessary to transport loose particles, especially use spiral pipes to deliver the small proportion, such as foam plastic particles, and it is of low cost, good effect.

Use 2: air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air and exhaust. This range is very wide, it can be adapted in many places, such as factory workshop, production site air because the harmful gas production needs to discharge outside, and needs to transport outdoor air to the room. At this time, the use of large flow and small pressure air transportation pipeline, the spiral pipe is the most suitable pipe. Generally, it uses galvanized iron pipes, in corrosive and special wet places, it uses stainless steel pipes.

Use 3: Exhaust fume. There are a lot of fumes in restaurants and hotel kitchens, which need to be discharged. The one uses a circular duct is the chimney. Here, the spiral pipe should be called the oil and smoke tube.

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