Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine

Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine

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Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine Performance Feature:

Pneumatic lock seaming machine is the convenient one which can be used to lock max length 1250 mm rectangular air tube. The machine needs to connect with air pump. Its advantage are efficiency and labor-saving. It's convenient to operate because the operator just need to fix the air duct. The effect of lock seam closing is smooth and regular. This machine is horizontal, so it is easy to check every parts of the machine and text it to finish duct making. Lock seaming closer machine includes lock seaming machine for rectangular duct and lock seaming machine for round duct. The rectangular duct lock seaming closer machines include vertical hydraulic machine, pneumatic machine and electric lock seam closing machine. Lock seaming is a necessary part of ventilation air duct making machines, we can use the pneumatic sheet metal lock seam closing machine with other HVAC air pipe making machines together to complete a whole duct production, for example, TDF flange making machine, TDF sheet metal folding machine, grooving machine, lock forming machine, electric shearing machine, TDF clips cutting machine, etc. We can provide a complete machines series on the basis of different customers needs and practical operation environment. As a professional HVAC duct manufacturing machines supplier, BLKMA company is located in Dongcheng Industrial Park which belongs to Ma'anshan Bowang District, the center of Chinese machine industry. We has both cnc duct production line which can make air duct automatically and separate machines which are easier to move. Products mainly consist of auto duct production line, rectangular duct making line machine and round/spiral duct forming machine. Besides, we can provide OEM service. The way of contacting with us includes email, mob, whatsapp, skype, facebook, youtube and wechat. Welcome you to call us via the message media if there is any question about ventilation air duct manufacturing line machines. We could answer your question and give you the solutions for all problems as soon as possible. For after-sales service, our company has skilled technicians, you can ask them about all questions during operation processing through video Besides, we welcome your engineer to learn the way to operate machines in our factory and our company can also provide engineer overseas service.

Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine Main Technical Parameters:


Max thickness



duct length
















Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine
Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine
Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine
Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine
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