Knowledge of Spiral Duct Machine

Ⅰ. What is the definition of the spiral pipe produced by the spiral duct machine?

Is a duct system for air transport and distribution. There are two types of composite air ducts and inorganic air ducts. Ducts can be classified by section shape and material. Air duct production Stainless steel air duct production is to apply sealant (such as neutral glass glue) on the seams of bites, rivets, and four corners of flange flanging. Surface dust and oil should be removed before applying sealant. According to the cross-sectional shape, air ducts can be divided into circular air ducts, rectangular air ducts, oblate air ducts, etc. Among them, the circular air duct has the smallest resistance but the largest height size and is complicated to manufacture. Therefore, the application is mainly based on rectangular ducts. According to the material, air ducts can be divided into metal air ducts, composite air ducts, and polymer air ducts.

Ⅱ. What is the spiral air duct produced by the spiral air duct machine made of?

The spiral tube is made of striped coil material, bites a bone through a pipe forming machine, rolls it into a round tube along an involute trajectory, and at the same time presses the seam, and finally cuts the length as needed, since its introduction in the market, Due to its excellent performance and low cost, it is widely used in shipbuilding, ventilation, air conditioning, air transportation, tunnels and other construction industries.

The spiral air duct can withstand the maximum pressure, the thickness of the pipe wall is four times that of the pipe body, and the rigidity of the pipe is very large, showing strong superiority, and can withstand the maximum pressure load and non-destructive deformation, and the thickness of the wood can be reduced by 15%, reducing the production cost.

Therefore, the pipeline vibration caused by low-frequency noise is small, the airflow performance is good, the system pressure drop is small, and the daily operating power consumption of the system is low. Currently, it is also possible to reduce the height of the space occupied by the pipe by using a flat oval pipe, which is a special device that processes a round pipe into a flat oval shape by drawing.

Ⅲ. Introduction of CNC system of spiral duct machine

The air duct production line is composed of a feeding rack, a leveling and pressing machine, an electric shearing machine or a hydraulic shearing machine, and a CNC system for the air duct production line. The control part adopts full computer control, and there is a control system on the computer called the air duct production line numerical control system. The following is an introduction to the CNC system of the air duct production line.

Introduction of CNC system for air duct production line:

1. Main menu

(1) Manual mode; (2) Automatic mode; (3) Parameter setting; (4) Date and time adjustment.

2. Automatic mode

After the parameters are set, the machine runs automatically.

3. Parameter setting

Enter the password to enter the system and set each parameter.

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