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How Does the Spiral Tube Forming Machine Cope With Low Temperature Environment

Expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold will do damage to tubes. Today, I' m going to talk about how to cope with this trouble of spiral tubes in the cold regions of the north or in winter.

First of all, it is the selection of thermal insulation materials and it should be good for insulation performance. The specifications of thermal insulation materials should conform to the use of the windpipe system. It should also meet the design requirements of the tube. The insulation materials used should have certificates like qualified certificates, so as to guarantee the effective protection of the tube when used, so that it is not easy to damage when used in winter. The tube generally chooses the refractory closed hole rubber plastic sponge insulation material, and the smoke exhaust tube usually uses nonflammable aluminum foil glass cotton plate. These two kinds of materials are widely used, and the insulation performance is better.

Second, when the spiral tube is wrapped with thermal insulation material, the cutting is accurate and the cutting surface should be flat as far as possible. In this way, the bonding can be ensured. When cutting material, the horizontal-vertical surface should be overlapped with the top of the short face on the beam.

At last, when coating the spiral tube with thermal insulation material, the thickness of the glue should be uniform, and the glue can not flow when the glue is coated. When the insulation material is overlaid, it is effective to ensure that the adhesive bonding is tightly bonded. The adhesive place will not have the empty drum, and there will be no air pipes exposed to the outside tubes.

We must make full use of the spiral tube scientifically so that we can let it make a greater contribution to our life.

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