Analysis and Treatment of Common Failures in Auto Duct Line

Fault 1: The auto duct line punching die and the shearing knife can't move


(1) It may be that the connection wire of the electric box control hydraulic solenoid valve is broken;

(2) The intermediate relay of the electrical box may be damaged;

(3) The automatic processing page of the touch screen is displayed in the state of no punching or the solenoid valve is stuck.

Treatment: Check whether the electrical circuit or equipment of the duct production line is damaged, and replace and repair it in time.

Fault 2: The size of the sheet material is unstable or the sheet material just keeps moving after the auto duct line starts production


(1) The position of the encoder status switch in the lower right corner of the touch screen points to valid;

(2) The encoder installed at one end of the measuring wheel is loose and slipping;

(3) The encoder is damaged or the signal wire is broken.

Treatment: Check the encoder and signal line of the air duct production line to see if there is any deviation or damage, and repair it in time.

Fault 3: Fully auto duct line touch screen displays hydraulic overload alarm and flashes


(1) The hydraulic system pressure is too high;

(2) Damage to the oil pump causes the thermal relay to trip.

Treatment: Disassemble the cover plate of the electrical box of the duct production line and manually reset the thermal relay.

Fault 4: Auto duct line touch screen display system emergency stop and servo alarm and flashing

Analysis: The emergency stop button beside the touch screen is not released.

Remedy: Release the emergency stop button beside the touch screen.

Fault 5: The product produced by the auto duct line has cracks

Analysis: It may be that the product's raw materials are unqualified or the production process has problems.

Treatment: Check whether the raw materials are qualified and whether the operators are negligent.

The above is a summary of some common failures in the production of automatic air duct production lines, as well as their analysis and treatment. If you encounter major problems, please contact the automatic air duct production line manufacturers to deal with them in time.

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