The Difference Between Automatic Spiral Duct Machine and Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

In addition to the knowledge learned about the fully automatic spiral duct machine and stainless steel welded pipe, what else has not been involved? Let's expand the two aspects of automatic spiral duct machine and stainless steel welded pipe, so that everyone can learn more, so as to know more.

1. Application of automatic spiral duct machine

In large buildings, in order to achieve a good ventilation effect, some ventilation measures are usually taken, and some ventilation ducts are usually added to achieve the function of ventilation. To achieve this purpose, we use fully automatic spiral duct machine to achieve, so fully automatic spiral duct machine has been widely used.

Although the automatic spiral duct machine has many advantages, it is exposed to the outdoors in most cases, so it will be exposed to wind, rain, and sunlight. These factors will erode or corrode the automatic spiral duct machine, so it is required It has anti-corrosion properties, and the resulting products include automatic galvanized spiral duct machines, fully automatic stainless steel spiral duct machines and fully automatic composite spiral duct machines. These three types of ducts are corrosion-resistant.

The function of the fully automatic spiral duct machine, in addition to the ventilation mentioned above, can also be used to exhaust, or to transport some lightweight materials such as foam plastics.

2. Stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless steel welded pipes can be assembled by welding. This method has low cost, high adjustability and adaptability, so many people are using it.

The welding technology of stainless steel welded pipes did not appear just now. It appeared more than three thousand years ago, but it is now more mature and perfect. It is welded by heating or pressure, or both at the same time, to weld the seams and assemble them together. It can realize the bonding between atoms in stainless steel and realize sexual connection.

In the welding process, welding wire is generally used. The requirement for the welding wire is to be consistent with the composition of the stainless steel, so as to ensure the overall consistency. The flux should use a melting or sintering flux with less oxidation to avoid damage to the alloying elements. 

To sum up, pay attention to these points when welding, then, you can achieve good results and welding quality, everyone should pay attention.

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