Operating Rules of Angle Shearing Machine

1. The rotation direction of the motor should be observed for the first test of the machine. If it does not meet the requirement, it can only change the supply line of the power supply, and the inner line of the machine should not be changed. It must let the equipment department operate when the line is changed.

2. When you turn on the angle shearing machine, you must use the knives by inching to check. You can start up it after you check that the gap between the upper and lower knives is normal (generally 0.1~0.2mm).

3. a. Before adjusting the shearing angle of the worktable, the knob switch should be placed in unlocked state, and the locking system of the worktable should also be unlocked.

b. When adjusting the angle, it is necessary to shake the handle and adjust the handle to the desired angle when the upper knives and the lower knives are reconnected. Then the knife will be moved by inching. And check whether the knife and the knife will collide. The knife should be locked after making sure the angle is precise.

4. When shearing localization, one should adjust the position according to the requirements and angle of the work and carry out the trial cutting process. Lock the location after reaching the demand. Prevent positioning loosening during processing.

5. It is strictly prohibited to process super thick workpieces (>4mm steel plate) or metal workpieces in the incision, and the protective cover must be put down when working. It is strictly prohibited to extend any part of the body into the upper and lower cutting tools, so as to prevent equipment and personal accidents.

6. When the work is finished, one should switch the switch to the disconnected position, cut off the power supply, and clean the worktable and the surrounding area.
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