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The Main Application of Riveting Machine

Riveting machine is widely used, and it can be applied to various riveting processes.

Here are some main applications.

1. Materials can be riveted by the riveting machine: besides riveting low carbon steel rivets, it also can riveting medium carbon steel and stainless steel rivets. Of course, copper and aluminum rivets are in the riveting range.

2. Riveting machine can be riveted in shape: as long as the shape of the riveting head is changed, it can be riveted into various shapes. In addition, the radial riveting machine can also be used for embossing, knurling and marking.

3. Radial riveting machine can also realize riveting on glass, plastic and ceramics.

4. The riveting machine is suitable for many industries: cold rolling riveting can be widely used in many industries such as precision machinery, textile equipment, steel furniture, building hardware, high and low voltage electrical appliances, hardware tools, automobile, motorcycle accessories and so on, especially in automobile door lock, scraper, brake, clutch, rear door bracing, door hinge, glass elevator. It is widely used in carburetor, hand brakes, steering ball joints, motorcycle shock absorbers and other automotive accessories industries.

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