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The Most Reasonable Way to Process the Lock Making Machine

Nowadays, there are too many manufacturers who have a machine for lock making machines. It is a very common biting tool. What is the most reasonable way to use it? That is economical within a certain range of accuracy.

The accuracy of this range is the precision that can be achieved by using the quality standard equipment, technical equipment and standard technical level workers and qualified processing time. Fine operation of the auto duct line and selection of low cutting amount, can achieve higher precision, but will reduce productivity and increase cost; conversely, if the cutting amount is used to increase productivity, although the cost is reduced, the accuracy is also reduced.

1. Check the working condition of the system regularly. Pay special attention to needle roller bearings. If damaged, replace them immediately.

2. Four handles should be used for manual handling or machine lifting. Do not force the panels, or even use the panel to hoist the machine.

3. If it is found that the rolling wheel speed is slow or the operation is weak, it may be caused by the relaxation of the triangle belt, so the position of the motor can be moved and the triangle belt can be fastened again, then it can be restored to normal.

4. Calcium soap grease should be often added to the transmission surface to reduce tooth surface wear.

5. When the bite shape of the square duct elbow is rolled, the right feed should be taken off the ruler, a proper amount of lubricating oil should be added during the cutting process. And there can be no sand on the site.

6. Keep the surface of the rolling wheel clean, clean the adhesive in time, and apply anti-rust grease on the surface of the rolling wheel when it has been out of use for a long time.

7. Every six months is a maintenance cycle. All of the frame wall panels and needle bearings should be removed and the ZL45-2 lithium grease should be painted again.
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